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The city of lucknow is well known for its heritage and culture which is richly endowed. Each and every festival is celebrated with pomp and splendor by every person, without any hindrances of religion and caste. Festivals like Christmas, Diwali, Valentine’s Day, Eid, holi, etc are celebrated in lucknow. The celebrations of the various festivals and fairs in the city of lucknow showcase the cultural mix of the city of lucknow as well as that of the country. Some important festivals that are required to be noted because of their beauty and elegance are:

Lucknow Festival :

Lucknow Festival is usually organized during the November-December months and has a lot of importance for the people. The aim of this festival is to showcase the uniqueness and the beauty of lucknow culture. The festivities go on for a period of about 10 days and the entire city is decorated with grandeur and gets a royal look, making the city come alive with joy and fanfare. The rich culture of the land is showcased in the best possible way by the portrayal of the crafts, arts, and other items of historical value in these days. Also people can enjoy the cuisine that is famous in lucknow in these festival days.

Vrindavan Sharadotsav :

Vrindavan Sharadotsav is held in the month of October. Even though the festival is not exclusive to Lucknow, yet the celebrations of the festivals are found to be happening in lucknow. The festival is dedicated to the chrms of the Lord Krishna and is dedicated to his mythologic being. Lord Krishna and his activities in childhood and youth age is the centre of attraction behind the celebrations. The primary festival is held in vrindavan near the city of lucknow, which is beautifully decorated and the entire area is full of joy and fanfare.

Holi :

The festival of Holi is held in month of april or march and is seen to be celebrated with much fanfare and enthusiasm by people of all age groups and religions. Gulal is thrown around and people are smeared with this color with children enjoy the celebration of color with much enthusiasm. Sweets and many other dishes are cooked and exchanged with people and this is the main attraction in a place like lucknow where the cuisine is of high value.

Diwali :

Diwali is one of the very important festivals organized in lucknow and is organized with much pomp and happiness all over lucknow and in whole of india. This is a festival that commemorates the win of good over evil and also marks the occasion when Ravana was killed by Rama restoring the throne of Ayodhya. Small lamps are lighted all over the house and plenty of fireworks are done with dazzling in the sky. The whole of lucknow, which is famous for its nawabi style looks resplendent with innumerable lamps. People exchange gifts and food items as a sharing of brotherhood in this occasion.

Dusshera :

In lucknow, another festival that is celebrated with all the enthusiasm is that of dusshera which is a mark of the killing of demon king by goddess durga. There are pandal spread across the entire region at various places so that people move during the 10 day festival from one place to another, having a glimpse of the goddess. Lot of prayers and yagnas are held all throughout the city. Food items are prepared and on the final day, ravana is killed by lord rama by burning huge effigies.