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The local transportation facilities in Lucknow are well established and plentily available so that the commuters will not have any issues while travelling. Variety of facilities is there to choose from to move from one place to another. Such local commuting is very easily and cheaply available so that the city can be quite easily explored.


In lucknow, there are many buses, which cover large distances but still have low cost of travel. These are buses which are managed by the state government’s transport department. Tourists’ buses also carry the travelers in the city for sightseeing, which are arranged by the travel agents.

Auto Rickshaws:

This is a small vehicle with driving sitting in the front while the back has a larger seat for the passengers. Usually 4 people are able to transport in one of these auto rickshaws. These are vehicles which are found in any place and at any time in the city. Getting the prices fixed before boarding these autos is recommended because they do not run on meters.


Taxis are possible for hiring from a number of travel agencies in the city, and have become convenient means of traveling from one part of the city to another or even to outside. These can be arranged from the hotels in which people are staying, but people need to bargain the costs before they embark on a ride in the autos.