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Lucknow culture of today is a blend of the old traditions and the new world charms. The city which is also known by the term of city of the nawabs, has been the home to a number of cuisines, art and music and also a breed of people who are highly courteous. The culture of the city is having a lot of influence by the mughal period, so much so that everything that is related to lucknow has a touch of the mughal era associated with it. Whether it is about the tasty cuisines, or the soul stirring music or dance forms or the typical lucknowi accent of speaking, the richness of the royal taste is found everywhere

Lucknow People :

People of lucknow are having a nature that is warm and they are also quite courteous. People from lucknow are considered to be soft spoken and have high regards for the guests akin to gods. The heritage of culture is rich enough and is truly a city of the nawabs.

Lucknow cuisine :

The cuisine of the city is well known throughout the country and it has its own specialty and indentity. The food which is available in lucknow had been patronized since the times of the mughals, thereby giving an obvious touch to the food items. It was the duty of the royal chefs who were also trained along generations to provide a special touch of royalty to the cuisine.

Lucknow Dance and Music :

The existing culture of dance and music in lucknow has a clear influence of the period of mughal rule. Since the kings and nawabs were in the habit of enjoying and liked songs and dance, they encouraged the quality singing and music.

Lucknow Languages :

Lucknow is quite vast with differences in language from one region to another, although the most common language is that of hindi, which is prevalent all over the country, especially in the north india. The language that is quite prominently spoken is that of urdu, which is an ancient languae, but had flourished so much that it is known as lucknowi urdu. This form of urdu has been penned down in many poems and novels.

The official written language of Lucknow is urdu. Besides hindi and urdu, there are plenty of other languages that are spoken in the city and some of them are Braj, Koeli, Bhojpuri, Koshali, Awadhi, etc. Bhojpuri is widely spoken in many areas inside lucknow as well as in other places in the state and neighbouring states. English is well known and spoken by the youths and educational institutions hav e this as their source of education.