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Lucknow is located in Uttar Pradesh, India. Lucknow is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, based at the northern Gangetic plains of India. Geographically, Lucknow’s location is between 26.50 degree North and 80.50 degree east. It is located at the height of 123 meters above sea level. During ancient times the city was known as Awadh.

Surrounded by its rural towns and villages like historic kakori, Mohanlal ganj,the orchard town of Malihabad, Gosainganj, Itaunja and Chinhat,  Lucknow is in the heart of the great Gangetic plain, with Barabanki District on its eastern side, Unnao District on the west, Raebareli District on the south and Sitapur and Hardoi Districts on its northern side. The main geographical attribute is the Gomti River, which flows through Lucknow, dividing the city into Cis-Gomti and the Trans-Gomti regions. The city of Lucknow is situated in the seismic zone III.

The diverse weather patterns and climatic changes of Lucknow happen because of its location. Lucknow experiences extreme summers and extreme winters throughout the year, it doesn’t have an invariable weather. Lucknow is spread over a total of 3204 square kilometres. The location of Lucknow is such that it is easily accessible by rail, road and air.