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Going to Lucknow, is quite simple as the location is quite strategic, with easy accessibility. When going to lucknow, there can be many options which will help in the travel.

By Air:

Due to the presence of its own airport, lucknow can be reached quite easily by the aerial route. The Amausi airport is present in Amausi village which is about 14 kms from the centre of the city. There are flights which operate from the city centre to the nearby regions and cities such as Delhi, Ranchi, Patna, as well as some distant cities like Mumbai.

By Rail :

Two junctions of railway lines are found in the city of Lucknow. One station is at the centre of the city, while the other one is located at about 3 km from city centre, which is known as Charbagh. Trains from variety of cities reach Lucknow through these routes to the two stations on a day to day basis.

By Road:

The city of Lucknow is possible to be reached easily from the towns of Kanpur, Delhi, Agra, Dehradun, Allahabad, etc. From each of these places, there are highways, which connect the respective cities with Lucknow. Frequently used highways passing through Lucknow are NH-28, NH-25 and NH-56.