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The languages prevalent in lucknow are different from one region to another, but the language that is most commonly spoken by people all over the city is Hindi, which is also the commonest language in India. Urdu language has a lot of influence in the lives of people also in lucknow. Even though urdu is a language from the ancient times, yet it is very much spoken by people, especially the artists and writers. This form of urdu is especially known as Lucknowi Urdu and is well known among the literary figures.

Lucknow has urdu as its official language while hindi is another of the major languages. Apart from these, there are innumerous other languages that are spoken in the district such as Braj, which is a language that was spoken about 2000 years back, koshali, Awadhi, Koeli and Bhojpuri. The language of Bhojpur is widely spoken also, not only in Uttar Pradesh, but also in many other areas of Uttar Pradesh and in the state of Bihar. English is well known among the younger generations, which is the language prevalent in many of the educational institutions and the schools.