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For the proper administration of the Lucknow Cantonment area, there was the setting up of the Cantonment Board Lucknow in 1862. The board occupied the present building in 1975. The spectrum of activity of the board has gone wider in the recent years and under its management are dispensary, hospital with 44 beds, schools numbering 6 and few parks with provision of water to about 600,000 residents in the cantonment and also looks after the sanitation of the cantonment.

As per the existing political and military regimes and requirements, there are different reasons for the formation of a particular cantonment.

Secundrabad cantonment can be taken as an example where it was constructed to assist the Hyderabad nizam,  to be used by him for fighting his enemies. Lucknow cantonment was set up in order to pressurize the Nawab of Awadh, so that the land could go in their hands. The modern day Uttar Pradesh had many cantonments because of the cool climate and fertile lands of the doab regions. and therefore there can be found some hill cantonments in this region.

But the most important reason for the setting up of the cantonment was that of the need by the armed forces to be set up in different regions so that there could be a better control over different regions and thereby keep the britishers in power.

Due to the rampant spread of diseases from the local population, the cantoning or insulating the entire area was necessitated.

It has been seen from a variety of records that people gave much importance to the health factors of the troops so that the rulers were worried about keeping them fit. Due to this consideration and in order to keep away from the local population to keeps its alienity maintained so that the cantonments were usually encouraged to be made in the total confinement.

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