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The chikan work of lucknow is one of the best creative work that is possible to be done in the category of embroidery, which is possible to be found in this city in india. The needlework and the detailing in the work brings out an unparalleled beauty of the work with complete refinement. Nur Jahan, who was the mughal queen brought the idea of reviving chikan work in 655 AD. Due to the patronage of Lucknow Chikan Kari, by the mughal emperors, ti swas highly demanded and also had become quite famous as a great work of style.

Lucknow has become one of the finest cities that had the finest material of chikan work since the old periods with the embrioidery works. Due to the lack of exposure and unwillingness of the workers to be a part of the old contemporary style, where money is not a big issue but it is the interest that counts and the newer generation are interested for modern gadgetry. Chikan work is well liked because of the fine details that are carved n the beautiful fabric, which gives an elegance par excellence to the wearers.

Chikan work and embroidery can be found in almost every kind of dress, and garment, bit is for the women or the men. There were only  a few a chikan artists level in the country although the tradition shows that these were to be put on the cushion covers, pillows, bed sheet, and other products. Sometimes crystal work are also provided along with the chikhan works so that the overall value is further enhanced. Such works can be purchased from any part of the city, especially by the tourists.