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Kababs have made lucknow famous as a variety of such items are available such as Kakori Kababs, Shami Kababs, Galawat ke Kababs, Patili ke Kababs, Seekh Kababs, Ghutwa Kababs, Boti Kababs, etc. Tunday kababs are the most famous in lucknow with a history of more than 100 years, which is having a couple of outlets in the city.


The dish of korma consists of meat which is immersed in the spices and is then mixed with sauce and also contains cream or yogurt. This is the name that has been given to the process of cooking and korma can be made from a number of methods.

Kundan Kaliya :

Kaliya is a preparation of the mutton along with gravy, that is mixed with the requisite amount of saffron or turmeric. This dish can be eaten during the dinner or lunch or any other time. This is a dish that is well liked by people and variations can be brought in by the awadh cooks, which have got the names of kundan kaliya, chandi kaliya and mahi kaliya.

Nahari Kulcha:

The item of nahari is made especially from the feet of goat, sheep or cows or from the head or jaw or flesh or tongues. The cooks or bawarchis of the lucknow city have prepared the Kulcha Nahari, and kulcha and nahar is available for breakfast.


This is a festivity of the spring season which is having a high popularity and is mostly prepared during the marriages or other celebrations which is usually a sweet dish made of rice.

Sheermal :

A bread maker in lucknow whose name was Muhammadan had invented the bread sheermal, which is made of flour, fat, milk and saffron.

Roomali Roti:

The roomali roti looks more like an handkerchief but is in fact made from flour and is made by rolling on the hands and put on a iron girdle that is curved and is especially made in awadh.

Biryani :

The dum pukht manner of cooking biryani is special to Awadh which is a great way to prepare the rice. By this term is meant the frying or the bhuna of the dish and the rice is slightly fried before it is mixed with cooked mutton stock.