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The travellers arriving Lucknow with an aim to explore the city of Nawabs have lots to see from the numerous places they can see and enjoy visiting here and nearby areas. There are many places in the Lucknow city but some of them nearby it are equally noticeable that attract the travellers. As the integral parts of Lucknow’s heritage identity these locations are worth exploring tourist destinations with rich cultural identity. Better you read the "Lucknow Excursions" section to learn about the many important places in and around Lucknow city to explore them as excursions to remember.

Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

As one of the prominent sanctuary of Uttar Pradesh, the Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary is selected one of the country’s wildlife sanctuaries. Those planning Lucknow excursions therefore mandatorily visit this bird sanctuary. Spread over a small area consisting of 3 square kilometers famous Nawabganj bird sanctuary is notable in Uttar Pradesh state.

Naimisharanya Misrikh

Naimisharanya Misrikh temple is located at a distance of approximately 94 kilometers from Lucknow city. Devotees from around the country visit this famous pilgrimage center which attracts all people.

Kukrail Reserve Forest

Located at a distance of approximately 15 kilometers from Lucknow city, Kukrail Reserve Forest is unique attraction. Deer farm and crocodile nursery are prominent attractions inside this reserve nearby the city which the Forest Department of Lucknow has developed with an aim to provide an amazing picnic spot to visitors. Other attractions are well maintained Children's Park, cafeteria and rest house amongst others. Natural habitat animals found here include numerous types of deer like Sambhar, Black Bucks and Spotted Deer et al and ample collection of birds in this forest reserve.

Deva Sharif

The Deva Sharif is unique worship place where Muslims as well as Hindus equally visit near Lucknow at a distance of approximately 25 kilometers. This pilgrimage center is tomb ofSyed Haji Waris Ali Shah, the revered Sufi saint of yesteryears. The months of October – November remain most rushed one when this shrine attracts good number of masses visiting here as devotees. An Urs festival is held annually during these months to remember the saint and to honor him.

Shah Najaf Imambara

Located in the Gomti River banks, the Shah Najaf Imambara monumentis an attraction of sorts in Lucknow city. The authorities here maintain this monument to ensure it remains well-maintained. It is a monument of Ghazi-ud-din Haider and his wife’s tomb. Hailing from Europe, Ghazi-ud-din Haidertombhas been designed from silver and his wife’s tombnamely Mubarak Mahal is an attraction to visit due to its impressive structure from silver and gold that seeks attention of everybody. Beautiful garden in the tomb’s entrance stretchesthe whole area to offer great attraction.