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The Lucknow gharana, otherwise named as Purab gharana is among the important gharanas in tabla which also means styles. The style is featured with full sounds of resonance and there is the use of ring finger and the small finger of the right hand.

This particular gharana from Lucknow was actually a branching from that of Delhi, when brothers Bakshu and Modu Khan came to lucknow. Nawabs of Lucknow used to patronize the Kathak form of the dance form in the classical category in the north and this was added along with Pakhavaj, who is still a living personality in table.

The khan brothers performed together with many others in arts arena so as to create their own style of table playing which was also adapted with the compositions of Pakhavaj and kathak. Among these new styles, the Gat and Paran styles became very common in the gharana of lucknow. Gradually, the llucknow style of tabla playing developed into its own form known as Raon. In this there are a number of fast yet delicate musical filling patterns called Chalan.

Some of the famous names in this parituclar ghrana style were Wazid Hussain Khan, Khalifa Abid Hussain Khan, Ilmas Hussain who was the son of Ustad Afaq Hussain Khan, Afaq hussain who was the son of ustad Wazid Hussein Khan, Santosh Krishna Biswas, Hiru Ganguly, Prof Biswajit Bhattacharjee of RBU who was the son of Pt Anil Bhattacharjee, Pt Swapan Chaudhuri, Pt Anindo Chatterjee, Nibedita Bhattacharjee who was the daughter of Pt. Anil Bhattacharjee, and some more.

The Gharana of Lucknow has led to the creation of many other gharanas, such as Farukhabad and that of Banaras. Hiru Ganguly, who was the famous student of Pt Sooraj Karan ranga from Bikaner and then his student named Pt Shiv Narayan, together gave birth to a new Joshi Gharana, whose origins lie in Bikaner. Prominent tabla players of this era were Pt Paramanand Joshi, navratna Joshi, Pt Santosh Joshi, Bhanu Pratap Joshi, etc.