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The Lucknow Festival or Lucknow Mahotsav celebrates the living culture of Lucknow, which provides a great insight into the cultured, old atmoshphere of Lucknow city. Kathak dances in famous Lucknow styles in Lucknow gharana, traditional dramas, colorful processions, sitar and sarangi recitals along with thumri, qawalis and ghazals create a very festive atmosphere.

Exciting events also take place like cock fighting, kite flying, ekka races and other village games which recreate a by gone atmosphere of Nawabi days. There is also a crafts display and people can take a taste of the popular mouth watering cuisines of Nawabi type.

The festival is organized for 10 days jointly by Lucknow District Administration and UP tourism. There are stalls arranged by other state’s craftsmen presenting a mix culture of India and it provides a platform as well for the local UP talents.

Underlying elegance along with Awadh spendor is captured in the Lucknow Festival. A brilliant showcase of crafts, exotic cuisines of various lands and arts is done that gives a once-in-lifetime experience. A person can also taste traditional delicacies of various Lakhnawi cuisine that would range from vegetarian cusines to nin-vegetarian cuisnes for which the city is famous.

Time for Lucknow Festival

The festival is organised and celebrated in the Lucknow city, UP state’s capital. Underlying elegance along with the splendor of old city Awadh, which is known as Lucknow now is captured in it. The event is a 10 days event that captivates grandeur and everlasting grace of the old city Lucknow. This festival commemorates the current culture of the city that offers perceptibility into cultured and old atmosphere of Lucknow.

How to Reach

The Lucknow festival time is the best duration to plan a visit to UP as it provides great chance to witness the fair and religious festival and also to be a part of this carnival. Amausi is the nearest airport. Express and super fast trains connects the city to Ahmedabad, Allahabad, Dehradun, Kolkata, Puri, Varanasi and Guwahati. The city is on the major routes of the National Highways 24, 25 and 28. The UPSRTC bus stand is located at Charbagh.

It would held for 10 days in 2015 from 25th November to 5th December.