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The area of Aminabad is located in the city centre, which is the primary shopping area and the largest in town.

Shopping market area of Hazratganj is filled with buildings which have a colonial style to them. Reference to this place in English is given by the term of Ganjing. Some of the important landmarks of this area are the Rovers, Janpath Market, Lovers Lane, Rovers, Kwality, Mayfair building, Universal Book Store.

The East End Mall was the first multiplex cum shopping mall found in the lucknow city in the area of Gomti nagar.

Now Lucknow has plenty of Mall-cum-multiplexes and some of the well known ones are:

  • Saharaganj (PVR Cinemas),
  • Fun Republic Zee Mall (Fun Cinemas),
  • Riverside Mall (Inox),
  • East End Mall (Wave Cinemas),
  • Phoenix United Mall (PVR Cinemas),etc.

Hazratganj, which is presently the primary shopping area in lucknow recently had its 200th year of completion in the year of 2010. As a mark of this milestone, the local government in the district has decided to refurbish the area so that the planning has been done to make it look like Connaught place in Delhi, which was planned by the architect of repute Naseer Munji. The area will have greeneries, piazzaz, pebbled pathways, lamp posts made of cast iron arranged in rows, which will further add to the style of hazratganj in the Victorian era.