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Lucknow is a very beautiful city which still retains it world charm. The tour to Lucknow would truly be a memorable one when anyone is travelling to India. The tourists must make sure while planning for Lucknow sightseeing tours that they should cover the mentioned tourist attractions which are worth seeing. There are exquisite monuments present in the city that were constructed during the old times and are still preserved for people to cherish and see. So just check out the tourist attractions mentioned in the Lucknow tours.

Bara Imambara

In the year 1784, Bara Imambara was constructed by the 4th Nawab of Awadh, Asaf-ud-Daula. This monument was constructed as a part of relief project for the famine which took place in 1784.

British Residency Lucknow

The British Residency of Luncknow is a popular historical landmark of Luncknow. It is in the ruins now and has been also declared as a protected monument by Archaeological Survey of India.

Chattar Manzil

Chattar Manzil is amongst the imposing structures that was built by Lucknow’s Nawabs. It is a popular tourist attraction of the city. Its strikingly unique architecture is its most unique thing.

Jama Masjid

Sultan Ahmed Shah, in 1423 year, built the Jama Masjid in the city. It is constructed entirely using yellow sandstone and it is known for the intricate style of architecture and design.

Rumi Darwaza

Lucknow’s Rumi Darwaza is amongst the most impressive of architectural structures found in India. In the year 1784, Nawab Asaf-ud-daula constructed it. The Rumi Darwaza is a fine example of the unique architectural design of Awadh.

Clock Tower

Between the Chhota Imambara and Bara Imambara lies Lucknow’s Clock Tower. Nawab Nasir-ud-Din Haider constructed this big tower during the year 1880. The tower reaches to the height off 221 feet in Lucknow and it is India’s tallest clock tower. The clock tower is also having the biggest fitted clock costing 1.75 lakhs to the government during that time.

Moti Mahal

Lucknow’s Moti Mahal is amongst the most wonderful monuments in India. It was constructed by Saadat Ali Khan. The Moti Mahal of Lucknow is also renowned as Palace of Pearls. It is situated on Gomti borders and it gives a spectacular view of the Nawab city. This place was used by the Nawabs to view the birds in flight and to spend time during leisure. 3 buildings are also there comprising of the entire construction.

The other 2 buildings are known as Mubarak Manzil and Shah Manzil. These 2 buildings were added by Nawab Ghazi-ud-din Haider later on. These were also used by Nawab to watch animal flights and animal combats. The Moti Mahal is still preserved by concerned authorities and it is amongst the most famous tourist attractions of the city.


Tila, it is believed that the original site was known as Lakshmana Tila town. The store dates back to the ancient times when Lakshmana, Lord Rama’s brother laid the foundation of modern city, Lucknow. Then later it was renowned as Lakshmanpur. This place was supposed to be amongst the earliest sites of Lucknow’s human settlements.

Hussainabad Imambara

The Hussainabad Imambara is Lucknow’s major tourist attraction. Mohammed Ali Shah built the monument during 1837. Mohammed Ali Shah’s tombs and his mother as well are situated here. This monuments’ walls are decorated with the Arabic verses that are carved very beautifully by various craftsmen. There is an imposing white color dome along with many minarets or pillars as well. The monuments’ interiors are also worth seeing. They are beautifully decorated with elaborate Taj Mahal’s miniatures on both the sides of this monument. The monument is decorated beautifully during Moharrum festival. The entire structure is bordered using many little bulbs, that gives a very royal look at the time when it is illuminated during evening time and it also looks very attractive while looking at the bulbs from distance.