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Dilkusha Garden:
In lucknow, there is the Dilkusha gardens, which is not only a beautiful place but also counts among the historical places of the city. The garden as well as the Dilkhusha Kothi are among the most important structures in the city. The garden is a part of the Dilkhusha Kothi, which was supposed to be the most beautiful structures in those times. The remnants of the kothi are sufficient to showcase the golden times of Awadh in ancient days. For the youngsters and for those going for morning walks, this is one of their favorite places.

How to reach: this garden is situated a little distance of few miles away from Hazratganj on the road to sultanpur. Greenery all around and bloosming flowers are found in this garden which is well maintained.

Lucknow Cantonment board is looking after this garden.

  • Entrance fee :  Rs. 5/- only (Free Entry to Morning Walkers)
  • Car Stand : Rs. 5/- only  (There if enough and convenient parking place.

Swarna Jayanti Smriti Vihar Park:

This park has special attraction for the children where there are swing installed for the enjoyment of the children. A number of members belonging to laughing clubs gather here every morning so that they laugh and stay healthy and also make for the entertainment of nearby living families.

  • Entry Tickets :
  • Tickets : Rs.2/- only  Children upto 12 Years Rs. 1/- only, Monthly Pass : Adults Rs.30, Children Rs. 15
  • Monthly Pass for family of 4 :   Rs. 60 only

Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Park:

In the region of gomti nagar, there is a large park over an area of 82 acres, which has been dedicated to Dr Ram Manohar Lohia, one of lucknow’s greatest philosopher and socialist. This park has been constructed and designed by Lucknow Development Authority  and is a suitable place for picnickers and the morning walkers. There is also a lake made artificially over an area of 15,000 sq m, and there is also a beautiful tower. This park is eco-compliant. Due to the lush greenery all around, and plenty of types of flowers, trees and the lake have led to the park being one amongst the natural and most beautiful places in the city.

  • A very nominal entrance fee of Rs.5/- per head and parking of Rs.10 (cars) and Rs. 5/- for Motor Cycles is charged.
  • Park timings are from early 6.00 am to 10.00 pm.

Smriti Upvan Park:

This park is located in the Bungla Bazar region off Ashiyan in Lucknow and is one more newly built beautiful places of lucknow. For the morning walkers as well as children, the place is a boon with plenty of people and children coming here to play and enjoy the evening time.

The location of the park is in the bijnor road, right across the Bijli Pasi Quila. Towards the right side is the place where festival of Lucknow is organized every year. Spread over an area of 70 acres land, there are many towers, stone structures and pathways, which is a boon for the people of lucknow. Places which are near the park, are the Manyavar Kansi Ram Smarak, Bijli Pasi Quilam, Eco park, some ancient temples like those in Bungla bazaar, Tereswar park, etc. The park has many autos, buses and tempos bringing tourists to visit it.