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The location of lucknow in the state of Uttar Pradesh is towards the northern side and is having temperature extremes in winter and summer season. Different seasons have different climatic conditions so that summer and winter temperatures can be quite varied. The basic climatic conditions are those of a warm sub-tropical kind. Unpredictability of the weather is common and both rains and strong sun can be seen frequently.


Extending from April to July, the temperature in summers are quite high with hot atmosphere, ranging from about 30 to 45 deg C. In June temperatures can go quite high during which time, hot dry Loo winds are seen to be occurring, making the afternoons very uncomfortable. There might be some spells of thunderstorms or else hot and dry climate is common.


The rainy season starts from July to September in Lucknow with the rains coming due to the southwest monsoon. Average rainfall in the city is about 101 cms, during which time, humidity is quite high after September usually, which increases the temperature during the day time. Evening temperatures are lower because of the cool winds blowing in the rainy season.


The winter season in lucknow is usually dry and cool, from the months of December to February, when the temperatures can go very low, ranging from about 20 to 30 deg C. Many of the mornings in lucknow can be seen covered with thick fog causing a lowering of visibility which can be sometimes quite high. Sometimes, for a few days, chilling winter days can also be experienced requiring woolen clothes.