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In lucknow, the Tunday kababi is the most well known among the kebabs, which tend to melt in the mouth and are also termed as Galavati Kababs.

Tunday Kababi is located in the lucknow city in the Chowk area since over 100 years and is a favorite place of the Kabab enthusiasts. This is a shop situated in the small lane in the old city area which is bustling and its fame has reached beyond the city into the depths of the country and outside. The kebabs are particularly famous in the Gulf countries.


The name Tunda in Urdu means “without an arm”. Haji Murad Ali, was the man who was known to serve food to the Nawabs during the old days. Even though he was handicapped, his delicious kebabs which were very tasty and melted in the mouth used to be in demand and he earned much repute.

In 1905, he set up the shop for kebab in the Chowk area amidst the lanes which were criss crossed and the location is still flourishing today with the original taste that is going on for the century.

The shop remained in the remote corner of lucknow for such long years of almost 9 decades and in 1996, Haji Rais Ahmad, was persuaded by his son to set another shop in aminabad.