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City of Kanpur came into being many centuries back, the proof of which is evident from the history which has a number of stories. Among the various ancient stories, the one that is well known belong to the ear of Mahabharata, where the land was given out to Karna by his friend Duryodhan as a gift to be able to match up to the skill of Arjuna. Although the initial name was Karnapur, this land went on to be known as Kanpur. Another legend has it that the name of this city was initially Kanhaiyapur as per the name of Lord Krishna, which later became Kanpur.

Kanpur is supposedly the biggest of the city in the state of Uttar Pradesh which is located along the river Ganges, and was recognized when this was given over to the Britishers by the Nawab of Awadh. As the number of traders of the colonies increased, the Grand Trunk Road and that passing on from Jhansi to Lucknow became well known and came to be used frequently. The city is also known for the deadly killings of people during the Massacre of Kanpur, which had occurred during the Indian Independence struggle.

Varanasi – 282 kms

The city of Varanasi in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, is also known Banaras and Kasi. This sacred city, is said to have been established by Lord Shiva, some 5000 years back and is perched in beautiful surroundings on the banks of Ganges towards the western side and is one of the most sacred places of the country. The Varanasi has been derived from the presence of rivers Assi in the south and the Varuna in the north. Also, the holy epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana speak of this holy city.

This city is important because it is believed that people who breath their last in this city, which is bounded at one side by the Panch Kasi Road, shall get moksha. Thousands of devotees from hindu religion come to the city every day through the year. Every believer in Hinduism is said to be having the wish to visit the city at least one time in the entire life.

Allahabad – 238 kms

In Uttar Pradesh, the city of Allahabad is among the biggest cities and is located at the place where the 3 rivers of Yamuna, Ganga and the third river of Saraswathi which is not visible, meet together. This meeting point is also known as Triveni and is considered to be sacred in hindu culture. Another name of the city is Prayag. As per the hindu mythology, the god of creation of trinity, Lord Brahma, took up the performance of Prakrista yajna in Prayag, when the creation was about to happen. Even Huan Tsang has the mention of this place in his work.

Mughal emperor Akbar, paid a visit to Prayag in 1575 and the city of Illahabad was founded by him, which was later known as Allahabad, which meant the city of Allah. This city came to be declared as the capital of the mughal empire later on. The city was later on captured by the Marathas. The city was a main centre during the Indian independence war in the rebellion of 1857. This city served as a major area for india’s freedom struggle and after independence, many prime ministers who led the country, came from this region.

In Allahabad, kumbh mela is organized every 12 years, when it is believed that the waters of the land are very purifying. For the hindus, the occasion has a much sacred meaning and on this occasion, millions of people gather near the banks of the confluence to take a holy dip.